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Positive Garments// At bonmot our garments are made with 100% organic gots-certified fabrics, sustainable and farmed without chemical agents. at the end of their useful life, the raw materials used will once again serve the earth they came from. try …

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MONKIND is a family-run kid’s wear brand based in Berlin whose focus is on sleek, minimal design and sustainability.

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LIEWOOD creates irresistible products for the modern family. From organic textile products and soft knitwear to our collection of bamboo tableware in beautiful shapes and delicate colors. All together the products create a unique, pure and simple universe – and they …

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A shower or two doesn’t have to ruin an otherwise nice day. Since we were born and raised in the Netherlands it’s basically part of our everyday life. We love our kids to go out on adventures, rain or shine, …

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Carlijn Q

Characterised by their playful designs and unisex styles, CarlijnQ’s line is produced sustainably in Europe. After her sold-out success, CarlijnQ continued the line, transforming CarlijnQ into a children’s lifestyle brand based in the Netherlands.

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Long Live The Queen

Inspired by all these treasures, we’ve created a special collection based redecorated existing materials to which we’ve added sustainable knits and jerseys.

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Mini rodini

Mini Rodini was founded in 2005 by the Swedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible.

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1+ In The Family

1 + IN THE FAMILY is a new and original proposal to dress babies from 1 to 24 months old. Minimalist design is based on practical and comfortable clothing with excellent quality fabrics. The design and manufacture are 100% made in …

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Emile et Ida

Mix and match small pieces for dresses of day and house, as well as beachwear. Un esprit mode &A spirit mode and vintage, romantic for the girls and more rock for the boys! The jersey and the cotton doudou, the …

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Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery creates poetic clothing and novelties with a deeper meaning. Soft Gallery seeks to stimulate and uncover creativity through clothing and to inspire our artistic sides.  Each collection is a living gallery –a gallery on fabric.  We combine art …

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Tiny Cottons

Tiny Cottons is a baby & Kids clothing brand founded in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain we launched our first collection, at playtime Paris, for the AW13 fair and we’re happy to continue! at tinycottons we love simple, modern, yet funny …

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